Friday, June 21, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Specials - Ariella Arida Vs. Whulandary Herman: Who Will Shine in Russia?

L-R: Miss Universe-Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida & Miss Universe-Indonesia 2013 Whulandary Herman

Two of my favorite beauties, Miss Philippines and Miss Indonesia will grace the beauty-battle in Russian soil this November. Dubbed as Asia's front-runners in this year's Miss Universe edition, whom do you think will make the cut? Whose stars will shine the brightest and possibly wear the Diamond Nexus Labs crown?

Ariella Arida Miss Universe-Philippines
With the Philippines' successive top five placement during the last three years, the pressure must be immensely colossal for Ara to surmount, however with the country's remarkably superb performances, the Philippines' sash factor couldn't be easily ignored, and this could possibly turn out the odds on Ara's favor. 
As determined and steadfastly- driven as her previous predecessors to clinch the country's third Miss Universe crown, surpassing even Janine Tugonon's first-runner up achievement last year is never beyond the bounds of possibility. As what the old adage says, if you have faith even as small as the mustard seed, you can definitely move mountains.

Whulandary Herman, Miss Universe-Indonesia
Meanwhile, Indonesia as crazy as the Philippines with beauty tilts never even had one Miss Universe crown since the pageant's genesis. The closest they've got was a semi-final placement last 2005 courtesy of Artika Sari Devi who placed 15th overall. The wait to have an Indonesian Miss Universe is already too far-outstretched and with the advent of Whulandary who's always been touted as the most gorgeous Indonesian beauty to have ever graced the pageant scene, the drought might be finally over. The crowning of its national winners by the Miss Universe herself is a proof that the Miss U org is constantly keeping an eye on them. My gut feel tells me, that Whulan's future in Miss Universe is vividly auroral, gleaming and shimmering. If she will ace the preliminaries with a top-notched performance then making a cut is highly feasible.

While its a bit early to predict their possible chances in the world's most celebrated beauty derby and considering the fact that it'll be held in Russian turf where blondes and European beauties may be the prevailing preference to dominate the 62nd edition, one can only fervently wish for the best of both of them. Regardless of the political, racial and cultural differences that might plausibly ruin their respective chances, nothing could still beat the power of resolute determination and enduring faith which knows no boundaries and could even turn the tides of fate in this year's Russian roulette-inspired universal beauty quest. May the odds ever be on their favor and may the best girl win!

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