Monday, August 19, 2013

Miss World-Philippines 2013 Set of Winners: Megan Young Tops the Honors

Miss World-Philippines 2013 Set of Victors

For three consecutive years, Miss World-Philippines headed by Madame Cory Quirino never disappoints its fans for crowning the best girls in the competition. Congratulations!

As anticipated, crowd's heavy favorite Megan Lynn Young swept away the special awards of last night's finale and emerged as the grand victor of Miss World-Philippines 2013. Up-close of nearly upsetting her win and was eventually declared as 2013 Miss World-Philippines-First Princess is the current Miss Bikini Philippines 2013 and former Miss Scuba Philippines 2012 Janicel Lubina. Zahra Bianca Saldua came in third and was proclaimed Miss World-Philippines 2013 Second Princess while Ma. Paula Bianca Paz grabbed the fourth spot and was named Third Princess who interestingly got the same placement when she competed in the same pageant last 2011 won by Gwendolyn Ruais. Awarding the Fourth Princess title was Omarie Linn Osuna.

Completing the top 13 finalists were as follows: #17 Jennifer Hammond, #6 Karla Patricia Alas, #12 Angelica Lopez, #13 Paula Estenzo, #7 Samantha Mae Bernardo, #24 Zandra Flores, #11 Mercegrace Raquel, and #22 Patricia Lae Ejercitado.

Here's the first set of special awardees: 
Miss Friendship: #5 Zahra Bianca Saldua 
Miss Talent: #7 Samantha Mae Bernardo
Best in Fashion Runaway: #20 Megan Lynne Young

Second set of special awardees were: 
Miss Novuhair award: #22 Patricia Lae Ejercitado
Miss Redux Fat award: #19 Bianca Paz
Best in Swimsuit: Janicel Lubina
Miss Pantene: #5 Zahra Saldua, Miss Olay: #20 Megan Young, Miss Sports: #20 Megan Young.

Photo Credit: OPMB Worldwide
Last set of Special Awardees:
Miss World Laguna: #20 Megan Young
Miss Revlon: #20 Megan Young
Miss Figlia: #20 Megan Young
Miss Photogenic: #10 Janicel Lubina
Miss Bench Body: #20 Megan Young
Best in Evening Gown: #19 Bianca Paz

The grand coronation finale was staged last night, Sunday at Solaire Grand Ballroom, hosted by KC Montero and My Husband's Lover stars Carla Abellana and Victor Basa. 2011 Miss World-First Princess Gwendolyn Ruais and Divine Lee served as the pageant's co-anchors. Congratulations to the set of winners!

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