Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cindy Miranda for Miss Tourism Queen International 2013

After the historic victory of Mutya Datul in Miss Supranational held in Minsk, Belarus, another Binibini is set to conquer another beauty title this year. Reigning Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism Cindy Miranda will represent the Philippines in Miss Tourism Queen International finals in Xianning, China this October 10th.

Well, speaking about China. We all know that the Philippines has an ongoing territorial rift with this country. Wouldn't this affect the performance as well as the placement of Cindy? Questions like this is undeniably inevitable considering the given situation, and I really hope that Cindy's beauty will shine through amidst the controversies and will transcend beyond political disputes. Yes, its definitely a gargantuan challenge that Cindy needs to overcome, however if she'll be luckier enough, she'll not only be the second Filipino to win the title (the first being won by Justine Gabionza last 2006), this could also be a great avenue for her to probably bridge the gap between the two bickering countries as well as a wonderful opportunity to be an excellent ambassador of peace and goodwill:)

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