Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Thoughts on Megan Young & the Miss World-Philippines Org

First of all, I would like to thank the Miss World-Philippines organization spearheaded by Madame Cory Quirino for choosing Megan Young as our country's bet to clinch the most elusive crown of Miss World. Without a doubt, everything about Megan is just superb, be it in character, beauty, grace, communication skills, intelligence and even willingness to get her hands dirty in doing charitable causes and community outreach projects in which she's been actively involve with even years before she's crowned. Madame Cory and her team has once again found a gem worthy to be called a source of pride and inspiration for the Filipino people.

OOver the last three years of being MWP's national director, it couldn't be denied that the Philippines has been making waves in Miss World beauty pageant, thanks for crowning the most deserving girl who could best represent the strength and diversified beauty of the Filipinos in this world-wide beauty-with-a-purpose quest. Unlike the old franchisee, Madame Cory has earnestly sought the ingenuity of our brilliant and world-renowned local designers who have their innate passion and sincerity to dress our delegates, not only bringing out their utmost best wearing those finest master pieces but also showcasing to the world the uniqueness and dexterity of the Filipinos.

Photo Credit: OPMB
Armed with Madame Cory team's steadfast support coupled with the unfailing faith and love from the fans and kababayan, our delegates came out stronger, remained unperturbed amidst the challenges and have eventually metamorphosized as one of the formidable forces to be reckoned with in the biggest and oldest annual pageant in the world. Crowning a Filipina goddess, that is Megan Young has been an eternal wellspring of joy and hope for us who would like to witness in our lifetime a Filipina of divine beauty and impeccable personality winning the Miss World title. There have been quite a number of runner-ups and finalists before, but no Filipino has yet won the title since its inception. Barring politics, I have faith that the Philippines represented by the 'uber' gorgeous Megan Young (well-supported by her fans here and abroad), will finally bring home the blue crown this time!

Photo Credit: Miss World

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