Saturday, September 21, 2013

Watch the Miss World 2013 Finals on GMA 7

Since its a bit expensive and quite dangerous to travel going to Bali, Indonesia (where a Muslim extremist group has threatened to abort the grand finale of Miss World 2013), I think it would be wiser and definitely cost-saving to just settle down comfortably on our love seats at home while watching through our television screens the gallant staging (hopefully!) of this year's Miss World finals at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center which will be aired on GMA 7, September 28th Saturday at 10PM.

Although our cheers and perhaps our thunderous shouts may not be heard by our sole delegate competing with the rest of 129 lovely candidates, I'm pretty sure that Megan Young would surely appreciate our sincerest prayers in her quest for the blue crown, most especially for the safety of everyone all throughout the competition. May positive vibes and luck be ever be on her side and that justice and veracity of the result may ultimately prevail over politics as she campaigns for the first Miss World crown of the Philippines. God bless you Megan Young! 

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