Saturday, November 23, 2013

Miss Earth 2013 Best Teachers of the Day

As part of their environmental awareness campaigns, the Miss Earth beauties who were divided into three groups had visited some elementary schools in Manila where they had the opportunity to interact with the pupils and shared their knowledge and skills in educating the minds of the younger generation on how to protect and save Mother Earth. The event was just so timely with the recent devastation that had wrecked the central part of the Philippine archipelago. And upon careful evaluation, these are the set of the girls who made an excellent impression as the best teachers of the day:

Best Teachers from Group 1:
Gold - Miss Earth South Africa
Silver - Miss Earth Philippines
Bronze - Miss Earth Indonesia

Best Teachers from Group 2:
Gold - Miss Earth Northern Ireland
Silver - Miss Earth Korea
Bronze - Miss Earth Panama

Best Teachers from Group 3:
Gold - Miss Earth USA
Silver - Miss Earth Guatemala
Bronze - Miss Earth Zambia

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