Sunday, November 24, 2013

Miss Earth 2013 Swimsuit Preliminary Competition Winners (Group 3)

Group 3's Top 5 winners for the Swimsuit Preliminary Competition

The swimsuit preliminary competition for the group 3 was held in a different venue and this time it was staged at the Golden Sunset Beach Resort in Batangas City. The top 5 winners were as follows (in no particular order):

1. Bolivia - Maria Rene Carmona
2. Brazil - Priscilla Martins
3. Mexico - Kristal Silva
4. Mauritius - Virginie Dorza
5. Ukraine - Anatasia Sukh

The winners will automatically advance to the final swimsuit competition on December 3rd at F1 Hotel in Manila.

Mexico's Kristal Silva bagged the Miss Golden Sunset award, Brazil's Priscilla Martins was named Miss Ever Bilena while Thailand's Punika Kunsuntonrat nabbed the Gandang Ricky Reyes award.

Special awardees of the night (L-R): Brazil (Miss EverBilena), Mexico (Miss Golden Sunset), Thailand (Gandang Ricky Reyes). 
Brazil's Kristal is all smiles as she receives the Miss EverBilena award.

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