Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Fashion Designer in Me: Bridal Gown Collections

When boredom strikes inevitably, sketching has always been an instant easy escape from mundane routines and humdrum moments. Although I don't have any formal education neither workshop/training in fashion designing and my current profession is a thousand miles away from arts, fashion and aesthetics, more often than not, I found myself with a pencil in my hand and a paper passionately drawing modelesque women clad in carefully-crafted pieces of garb I personally designed based on the bounty of my own imagination and eventually brought myself into wishing that someday beyond the blue horizon I could also have the privilege to borrow the magic wand of Michael Cinco and Francis Libiran to turn these stunning images into a dazzling reality and ultimately packaged these million-dollar-worth creations straight to my dearest friends' doorstep! So here are the samples of the bridal gowns I have specially created for my three beautiful batchmates in college who are (fortunately rumoured) to be tying the knot, pretty soon:)

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