Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 10 World's Most Desirable Beauty Queens of 2012

My final fave five most desirable beauty queens of 2012

From the year 2012 onwards, I will be featuring the world's stunning women who have graced the international pageant stage and charmed everyone with their entrancing beauty, remarkable personality, unprecedented wit and phenomenal presentation skills. Basically these are my own list and their inclusion are solely based on my personal taste and preferences:) 

1. Irene Esser of Venezuela, Miss Universe 2012 Second Runner-Up

She's everyone's favorite to win the Diamond Nexus crown way back in 2012. Who wouldn't be smitten with her scintillating charm and endearing presence? She is such an eye-candy to watch and the way she glided on stage was just mesmerizing. If only she used a translator during the final Q&A, she could have expressed herself well enough and won the top plum.

2. Melody Mir of Dominican Republic, Miss International 2012 Third Runner-Up

I thought she would emerge as the ultimate victor since she's the only one in the winning circle who got the Miss International prototype stance - classic, exquisite and doll-like beauty. Unfortunately, she competed in 2012 when the hometown girl was (usually) declared the winner.

3. Tereza Fajksova of Czech Republic, Miss Earth 2012

It wasn't suprising that this blonde-haired superbeauty was hailed as Earth's fairest queen warrior. Although she wasn't as eloquent as Miss Philippines, her riveting beauty is enough to mesmerize and convince humanity to preserve and protect our dying Mother Earth. 

4. Elizaveta Golovanova, Miss World-Russia 2012 and Miss Universe 2012 Top 10 finalist

She's been tagged as the pageant's modern day Rapunzel with her long chocolate-colored hair.  Although she went home empty handed in Miss World, she redeemed herself by achieving a top ten placement in a bevy of 80+ most beautiful women in Miss Universe.

5. Bodine Koehler, Miss Universe-Puerto Rico 2012

It's still puzzling why this Puerto Rican bombshell was snobbed by the Miss Universe org. With her towering form and perfectly toned curves, a semi-final placement could be the very least consolation prize she rightfully deserved to get.

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