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Top 10 World's Most Desirable Male Pageant Contenders of 2012 (Page 2)

                                                            Words by Edgar Petallo

World's Most Desirable Men of 2012

6. Hammoud Ali of Lebanon, Mister International 2012 Grand Winner

Hammoud Ali (Lebanon) - Mister International 2012

Mister International 2012 Hammoud Ali
and your blogger during one of the pageant's
pre-final event
I was literally star-strucked when I first met him during the Mister International pre-final event. Although he's  quite reserved and mysterious, he never say never when he's being approached for photographs from his adoring fans. The still photos of him sometimes don't do some justice to his stunning looks and enchanting eyes. He's the netizens' top favorite along with James Murphy of Ireland and rumors has it that this Lebanese charmer is the organization's ultimate pick to win the title and the equally gorgeous Irish hottie's controversial exclusion in the semis was somehow intended to eliminate the strongest threat and would only make sure of Ali's smooth-sailing journey towards the crown. However these allegations were just 'plain rumors' unless there's a substantial proof, after all Hammoud Ali was equally deserving for the title.

7. Andres Giraldo of USA, Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

Andres Giraldo (USA) - Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

L-R: Singapore, Thailand, your blogger, USA and
Puerto Rico during the pageant's preliminary
swimwear competition in Bangkok, Thailand
With that sweet-face and youthful persona the American boy-next-door hunk was a certified head turner especially during the first few days of the competition. However as the days went by he had somehow lost a bit of his spark and spunk. Nonetheless his easy going personality and camaraderie went unnoticed along with his gorgeously boyish look. He's one of the friendliests among the contenders and I'm just glad he made the cut as one of the finalists.

8. Drew Palacious of Bahamas, Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

Drew Palacious (Bahamas) - Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

He's the eye-candy colored hunk of the bunch with such oozing sex appeal and unsullied charisma. A friend of mine who went with me to see them live in one of the pageant's pre-final events was greatly enamored and couldn't just get enough of his ravishing aura. It is safe to say that as of this writing, Drew is Bahamas' best male delegate who have ever graced the pageant scene.

9. Jorge Perez of Colombia, Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

Jorge Leon Perez (Colombia) - Manhunt International 2012 Finalist

Jorge Perez and your blogger during
the pageant's Preliminary competition held in
Bangkok, Thailand
He's everyone's ultimate favorite to win the Manhunt title as he's every inch a male supermodel and personally I couldn't agree more until I met him in person. He's  a bit snobbish and seemed to be hard to reach and I guess this is his greatest waterloo which costs him the top plum. I'm a fan and I was quite sad that he didn't advance to the top five. He's every inch like a gorgeous doll mannequin who have come to life and his fashionable sense and style screams elegance and perfection. He also got the best projection and runway skills and he seemed to be well-trained and prepared for the competition.

10. Andrew Wolf of Philippines, Mr. World 2012 First Runner-Up

Andrew Wolf (Philippines) - Mr. World 2012 First Runner-Up
He would always be remembered as the first Filipino who was able to crack into the semis and secured the first elusive placement in the most prestigious two-decade old Mr. World pageant. The Fil-British model/actor-turned-rugby player and eventually a beauty king didn't just sit on his laurels to ace the fast track events of the pageant where good looks nor perfectly toned abs doesn't guarantee a sure ticket to victory. He had shown such powerful grit and his fighting spirit almost clinched the first ever Mr. World title for the Philippines. However the youthful and charming image of his Colombian opponent had eclipsed his chances and ended his bid to bring home the highest honor.

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