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Top 10 World's Most Desirable Male Pageant Contenders of 2012 (Page 1)

                                                              Words by Edgar Petallo
My Final Five - World's Most Desirable Men of 2012

Two thousand and twelve was the year when two of the world's biggest male beauty pageants, Manhunt International and Mister International were staged in Bangkok, Thailand. I was working in one of the international hospitals in Bangkok back then so attending the said events wasn't an uphill task. I have just started my blog when I was given the free VIP ticket from the Manhunt org to cover the pageant so it was really a great opportunity for me as a pageant blogger/fanatic to meet and talk with the world's most desirable men on a professional level.

Given the quality of the contenders that year, coming up with the final ten wasn't a walk in the park. They're all gorgeously stunning in still photographs more so when you see them in person. However, my impressions changed when I got to know them well upclose and heard them talk.

1. Peter Jonsson of Sweden, Manhunt-International 2012 First Runner-Up

Peter Jonsson (Sweden) - Manhunt International 2012 First Runner-Up

Mr. Sweden 2012 Peter Jonsson with your blogger during
the Swimwear Preliminary Competition in Bangkok
The Swedish debonair is worthy of every hype he received from his fans worldwide. He's a clear front-runner throughout the competition and if June Macaset didn't play his cards right, this Scandinivian demi-god could've snatched the thunder from him. He's easier to get along with and is very generous with his time. I'm grateful for the opportunity of meeting and knowing him in person.


2. June Macasaet of the Philippines, Manhunt-International 2012 Grand Winner

June Macasaet (Philippines) - Manhunt International 2012

Mr. Philippines himself with your blogger
during the Preliminary Competition held in
Bangkok, Thailand
When he won the national search to represent the country in the manhunt international edition, I know from then that he'll do well in the competition and he just did far exceed my expectations. I was sitting at the hotel lobby together with the Thai press staff during the arrival of the candidates when I first spotted June. He's a real experienced pro yet very approachable and down-to-earth, he isn't pretentious and was naturally genuine and warm unlike some other candidates who were trying hard to impress the press. His towering height, gorgeously toned muscles, and handsome Asian features made him more noticeable when he stands head-and-shoulders with the blondes. 

3. Lee Stram of Australia, Manhunt International-Australia 2012

Lee Stram (Australia) - Manhunt International-Australia 2012
Mr. Australia 2012 with me during
the pageant's swimwear pictorial in
Bangkok, Thailand

I was rooting for this Aussie hunk model to penetrate the winning circle but I was sad when he didn't even land in the semi-finals. I thought that with his valuptuous bombshell curves and exceptionally-handsome buffy frame and not to mention his adorably-carefree personality he could break the leaner and slender Manhunt prototype. I was greatly disappointed when Australia wasn't called in the top 15 because there were a few candidates who didn't deserve the spot and I felt that my bet was ruthlessly robbed! I immediately approached him backstage to console him but good thing he's a better sport than me. I found it amusing though realizing that I was way more affected and quite depressed with his defeat. Lee Stram would always be remembered in the pageant history as one of the world's hottest male contenders from the Land Down Under!

4. Jimmy Perez Rivera of Puerto Rico, Manhunt International 2012 Third Runner-Up and Mister International-Puerto Rico 2013

Jimmy Perez (Puerto Rico) - Manhunt International 2012 Third Runner Up

Post grand-coronation photo with the third runner-up
winner, Mr. Puerto Rico 2012
Two-time international pageant contender Jimmy has all the excellent goods to bag the most coveted beauty titles however he wasn't just too lucky enough to bring home such honor. I was actually fortunate to meet him last 2012 during the Manhunt-International season where he placed third runner- up to June Macasaet of the Philippines. The Puerto Rican hearthrob was just so irresistibly gorgeous and very congenial in person. I thought he would win big when he joined Mister International the year after, and it was such a mystery (just like in the case of James Murphy of Ireland last 2012) that he clapped big time! One can't just simply ignore his mesmerizing charm and endearing personality:)

5. James Murphy of Ireland, Mister International-Ireland 2012

James Murphy (Ireland) - Mister International-Ireland 2012

With the adorable Mr. Ireland
on the eve after the pre-final
event in Bangkok, Thailand
His schocking exclusion in the semi-finals of Mister International 2012 has been dogged with mystery and controversy. Who would have thought that this Irish demi-god was totally snobbed by the Mister Int'l organization? His inimitable charm and stunning stance really made him a standout during the competition and he was ever gracious and accomodating when I asked him for a short, on-the-spot interview despite his gridlocked schedule. He isn't just a beauty with a gorgeous face and if ever he was called in the finals, he could've given Hammoud Ali of Lebanon (who was the eventual winner) a run for his money.

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