Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 10 World's Most Desirable Beauty Queens of 2012 (Part 2)

World's Most Desirable Beauty Queens of 2012

6. Sophie Moulds of Wales, Miss World 2012 First Princess

If only the Miss World finals was held outside China's soil that time, this blue-eyed superbeauty from Wales could've brought home the blue crown and not just settled as a runner-up to the eventual Chinese winner. Her beauty is simply ethereal!

7. Nanthawan Wannachutha of Thailand, Miss Supranational 2012 First Runner-Up

I was left in awe when I saw this dusky Thai beauty during the Manhunt International Finals' night. She could effortlessly make some heads turn with her exotic form and congenial charm. Her entrancing presence (indeed) added to the prestige and glamour of the longest-running male beauty contest. Meeting her in person was just unforgettable!

8. Melinda Bam of South Africa, Miss Universe 2012 Top 10 Finalist

I am a huge fan of her beauty. She's without a doubt one of the prettiest delegates in her batch and had always been lauded by pageant critics as one of the major favorites to win the Diamond Nexus crown. However her lackluster performance coupled with a not-so-captivating evening gown in the finals' night cost her from advancing to the final five. She was easily out-shined by her fiercest competitors from the Philippines, Venezuela and Brazil.

9. Ekaterina Buraya of Belarus, Miss Supranational 2012

The Belarusian-blonde suprabeauty is oozing with femme fatale sensuality and blessed with such great personality, no wonder why she aced the competition and won her country's first Supranational crown.

10. Queenie Rich Rehman of the Philippines, Miss World 2012 Semifinalist

She stunned the world with her outstanding beatboxing skills during the Talent fast-tract segment and bedazzled the audience with her million-dollar worth Michael Cinco's blazing red evening gown ensemble. However, considering the never-ending territorial rift between the Philippines and China (where the Miss World pageant was held), a semi-final placement was the utmost soothing consolation prize she could get.

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