Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beauty in Focus: Anna Andres, Miss Universe-Ukraine 2014

Ukraine's most beautiful, Anna Andres Miss Universe-Ukraine 2014

Truth be told, Anna Andres is my ultimate fave/crush this year and it doesn't need an ounce of explanation why I fell instantly in 'love at first sight' with this 21 year-old Ukrainian superbeauty. Every inch of her screams perfection and with such impeccable countenance she effortlessly radiates, she'll undoubtedly be one of the top girls to beat in the upcoming Miss Universe season. 
Gorgeously statuesque at five feet and 9.5 inches tall, this Baltic charmer who hails from Lviv was into modelling and acting before she's been formally anointed as her country's torch bearer in their campaign to win their elusive first Miss Universe crown and having been given the opportunity to achieve a historic goal, Anna won't just settle down on her laurels as she's fiercely determine to surmount the task and hopefully surpass Olesya Stefanko's first runner-up honors last 2011.

I honestly wish she'll be in her best elements on the final judgment night and never should she let her guards down because just in case she'll be tempted to slip into reckless slumber, a handful of ferociously competitive and crown-worthy contenders are always in the hunt to snatch away the limelight to their own glorious advantage.

All the best my lovely Anna in your journey for the Diamond-encrusted Nexus crown:) May the odds ever be on your favor! 

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