Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miss Universe 2013 First Runner-Up Patricia Yurena Rodriguez Comes Out Of The Closet

Spanish beauty Patricia Rodriguez comes out in the open
as a lesbian.

Until now, I still could not believe that my girl crush who is the reigning Miss Universe-Spain 2013 and Miss Universe 2013 First Runner-Up is a lesbian:)

The hottest lesbian the universe could ever have!
Patricia Rodriguez glides in the stage with her
 whistle-bait figure and two-piece
red bikini during the Miss Universe 2013 top 16 swimsuit
In a news article published by Metro, the Spanish beauty queen has confirmed earlier today that she is indeed in a relationship with a woman. Patricia posted in her instagram account an intimate selfie of herself with her girllover identified as Vanesa Klein. You can read the full article here.

Who would have thought that Spain's La primera reina de belleza who captivated the universe with her ethereal charm and endearing beauty happens to be 'only' romantically attracted to her 'own kind'? Well as a celebrated beauty queen, it really took a lot of courage and bravery for her to come out in the open and I take my hat's off for being gallantly true and honest to herself as well as to her fans worldwide.

Beautiful Patricia at the center flanked by her fellow top five finalists in Miss Universe
2013. (L-R): Gabriela Isler of Venezuela (Miss Universe 2013), Ariella Arida of
Philippines (Third Runner-Up), Jakelyn Oliveira of Brazil (Fourth Runner-Up and Constanza Baez of Ecuador (Second Runner-Up).
Patricia did give the eventual winner Gabriela Isler of Venezuela a neck to neck fight for the crown. Had she won the title that night, she could've been the first ever Miss Universe titleholder or if not the very first international beauty grandslam winner who admittedly declared a homosexual.

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