Thursday, August 14, 2014

Naul Beach: Koh Larn's Hidden Secret

Naul beach is one of the popular beach destinations in Koh Larn (Coral Island) which is approximately a 40-minute ferry boat ride from South Pattaya's Bali Hi Pier (Click here for more information about the island paradise).

The powdery shorelines of Naul which is nestled within the island's mountainous turf and lush tropical landscape exude a more invigorating panoramic view and percolate a refreshing laidback atmosphere.

How to get here?

1. From Bali Hi Pier in South Pattaya you need to catch and ride in the ferry boat going to Koh Larn's Na Ban port or the main village. One-way fare is 30 Thai Baht.
2. From the Na Ban port/main village you can walk 100 meters going to Wat That where the baht buses or 'songthaews' are located. The baht bus will take you to Naul beach or your beach destination of choice at 30 Thai Baht per head. You need to wait though until the bus is filled which doesn't usually take long.
3. You can read here for a more comprehensive and detailed info about Koh Larn and its fascinating beaches. 

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