Thursday, August 28, 2014

Venezuela's Queens for the 2014 Big 4 Grandslam Pageants

Miss Venezuela 2014 Queens for the Big 4 Grandslam Pageants. (L-R): Migbelis Castellanos Miss Venezuela-Universe 2014, Deborah Menicucci Miss Venezuela-World 2014, Michelle Bertolini Miss Venezuela-International 2014 and Stephanie de Zorzi Miss Venezuela-Earth 2014.

More often than not, the world of pageantry is always in the look-out on who's gonna be Venezuela's bets in the big four
Universe-bound Migbelis Castellanos walked away with the
most coveted crown of the night.
beauty quests. Having been mastered the art of winning crowns left and right, and being able to maintain its dominion as the world's beauty superpower since time immemorial, all eyes are glued upon its crownable, rigorously-trained Osmel Sousa's ward. And this year's no different as it strives to beat and even surpass last year's grandslam beauty stardom. With the appointment of Migbelis Castellanos as Miss Venezuela-Universe 2014 and the reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler's successor, would she be able to do a back-to-back triumphant feat come coronation finale? Stephanie de Zorzi is of no different league as she is also tasked to succeed Alyz Henrich as the current Miss Earth. Indeed, both beauties were ascribed with the toughest, most challenging assignment in their hands but definitely ain't an insurmountable mission to achieve. Reliving back the glorious breakthrough scenario that only Venezuela has achieved in the world's most prestigious and widely-celebrated beauty derby seems to be greatly feasible considering Migbelis and Stephanie's topnotch qualities honed to its finest by the renowned Czar of beauty Osmel Sousa.

Venezuela's prime senoritas glowing in their gold-swimwear.

Unlike the heralded victories of Alyz Henrich and Gabriela Isler, their two equally stunning compatriots Elian Herrera and Karen Soto were not lucky enough to earn a spot let alone a semi-final finish in their respective global pageant tilts. And I'm pretty certain that their successors Michelle Bertolini and Deborah Menicucci are eager enough to avenge their defeat in Miss World and Miss International where Venezuela still holds the record as the sole country with the most number of crowns.

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