Friday, September 12, 2014

Beauty In Focus: Miss World Philippines 2014 Contender, Lorraine Kendrickson

Kagandahang Flores' finest flag bearer for the Miss World Philippines 2014 crown, Lorraine Kendrickson. Photo by OPMB Worldwide

Dumaguete's reigning queen and Kagandahang Flores' prime entry, Lorraine Kendrickson is gunning to win her beauty camp's first Miss World Philippines' crown. The 19 year-old Filipino-British belle remains unfazed despite the presence of the rival camp's lone torch bearer Valerie Weigmann  who's been christened by the pageant aficionados as the one to beat for the top plum.
The undaunted Lorraine showed up during the general screening with such a delightfully-calm demeanor yet still fiercely determined to secure the highest honors. Her pleasantly-sweet and congenial ways could bring her through the surging tides of the competition as the journey towards the crown gets jagged and rugged.

It's noteworthy mentioning that Aces and Queens (Val's beauty camp) still holds the crown of MWP since its inception. Will this year be a different scenario? Does Lorraine have what it takes to topple A&Q's ultimate bet? I'm certain that Lorraine together with her KF sisters have long been well-trained and are best-equipped with the necessary armaments for the battlefield. I know it's quite too early to tell and the judgment night is still a few weeks ahead but whatever might be the result, Lorraine would surely bring with her a life-enriching, wisdom-filled experience and who knows this could just be the beginning of a much brighter and bountiful opportunities lining at her doorstep?

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