Monday, September 15, 2014

Beauty In Focus: Miss World Philippines 2014 Contender Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters for Miss World Philippines 2014
Photo by OPMB Worldwide

Since Madame Cory Quirino spearheaded the Miss World franchise in 2011, the influx of mixed-race beauties vying for the crown as well as their well-deserved domination are unstoppable. In fact, since the genesis of Miss World Philippines, the crown has never landed on the head of 'pure-blooded' Pinay (whose parents are both naturally-born citizens of the Philippines). They've always been eclipsed by the most prepared, more articulate, and more universally-appealing half-breed mestizas. And this year's no different as most of the front-runners and leaders who are taking the centerstage of the competition are the non-exotic ones, take Rachel Peters as a perfect example aside from the more popular Eurasian superbeauties like Valerie Weignmann and Lorraine Kendrickson.
Photos by OPMBWorldwide

Rachel Peters is of Filipino-British descent whose been well-educated in La Trobe University in Victoria's city capital, Melbourne Australia. The 5'8" stunner is one of the strongest contenders from the Kagandahang Flores camp who's all set and ready to fight tooth and nail in the hopes to nab the most coveted crown. With an adorable pair of long legs that seem to stretch endlessly plus a drop-dead gorgeous body to boot and sensible wit, there's no doubt, Rachel Peters can easily crack through the winning circle come finals' night.

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