Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beauty In Focus: Valerie Clacio Weigmann For Miss World Philippines2014

Wish finally GRANTED! Elite model and Eat Bulaga TV host Valerie Clacio Weigmann screened today for the the 4th edition of Miss World Philippines.

The Fil-German 5'10" stunner has always been in my 'wishlist' to grace the pageant stage. Years back in college while staring at her professional photos flooding the net, I could still vividly recall how much I've wanted Valerie to banner the sash of the Philippines in the global stage. That was before the "Venus Raj Era" when the Philippines was still in deep slumber, struggling and striving that even the mere thought of penetrating the semi-finals in the world's most prestigious beauty quests was deemed quite inconceivable. I thought then that if the likes of Valerie and Megan will be sent instead, whose kind of beauty doesn't need an endless explanation and transformation, one whose charm can effortlessly transcend beyond boundaries, real stunners who have the innate essentials to make it through the toughest battles (of being a beauty contender) armed with the sterling strength of character to rise above the trying times with style and elegance, Philippines' could have ended its decades of clapping much earlier. I thought that Valerie dipping her toes in the dubious waters of pageantry was unthinkable however the once sheer desire and supposed to be an only fancied wish has eventually evolved from a seemingly impervious dream into a substantial reality.

What's even more admirable is that Val didn't just join for the sake of joining. She's giving all her best for this life-changing journey. In fact even months before the final screening, she took a leave of absence from her hosting stint in Eat Bulaga to concentrate more on this cause and to make sure that she would be able to cover all the aspects of her training especially on the things that she still needs to improve so that she can be a perfect fit for the much greater purpose of wearing the coveted crown. We've seen how much she's passionate about on her beauty-with-a-purpose (BWAP) project, the MUSIKARAMAY, a non-profit, charity-driven organization whose primary aim is to "build lives through street music". While being actively involved in a charitable organization is of prime significance to nab the crown, Val is not just doing it for the sake of clinching the top plum, she's taking it by heart and her dedication for this noble cause is just palpable.

Val, vying for the purpose-driven beauty title is indeed a DREAM come TRUE (at least for her fans who love her dearly including your blogger), and it'll be extra special when she'll be officially crowned on the grand finale as the deserving successor and rightful heiress of the reigning Miss World Megan Young, where she too can have the much greater opportunity of 'building lives' and be an exceptional channel of blessings to the world, an ardent noble passion closest to her heart.

Photography: Melson Bolongaita
Make-Up: Maya Francisco
Hair: Jake Farillon Aguilar
Cocktail Dress: Coleen "Boon"Saso
Evening Gown: Bing Cristobal 
Accessories: Bing Cristobal 
Shoes: Jojo Bragais 
Style: Carlos Buendia 
Location: Ortigas Studio, Unit 1415 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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