Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dethroned Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 May Myat Noe of Myanmar Fights Back

Newly-dethroned Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 May Myat Noe Speaks Up.

Recently-crowned but now dethroned Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 May Myat Noe of Myanmar have finally aired her piece after the alleged accusations hurled against her by the organizers of the Korean-owned beauty pageant that eventually led to her dethronement three months after she was crowned in Seoul, South Korea.

And here's the screenshot of the Burmese beauty queen's response that was posted yesterday in her facebook page:

 "I was told that, in order to generate funds to produce my music album, I need to accept invitations to escort some business tycoons whenever they require my company...I'm not even proud of this crown, I don't want a crown from an organisation with such a bad reputation"- May Myat Noe.

I am not surprised with the recent controversy involving the Korean owners of the Miss Asia Pacific World as the organization has always been marred with such embarrassing controversies since its inception in 2011. You can actually read the narrative of the 'alleged controversies' from the references below:

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