Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don't Forget To Vote Kimberly Karlsson For Miss Grand International 2014

Kimberly's exclusion in the Top 25 Best In Swimwear would most likely hurt her chances in penetrating the winning circle. Our greatest hope for now so that our bet could ensure at least a semi-final feat come coronation night is to VOTE tirelessly 'till it closes not later than six o'clock on the finals eve of October 7th.

At this rate of the competition our rep is leading the Miss Popular Vote with Misses Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand trailing 'not-so-far' behind. And we can't just let our guards down as our ASEAN neighbors are also as vehemently eager in snatching the coveted spotlight. 

You can show your love and support for our dearest Kimberly by casting your votes HERE.

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