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Hunk In Focus: Adam Davies, Mister Model International Philippines 2014

Adam Davies - Mister Model International Philippines 2014

I have never doubted Adam's chances to clinch one of the titles at stake of the Misters of the Philippines. With only a few real contenders in this year's edition, the half-breed mestizo brilliantly stood out among the bunch and steadily breezed through the finals nailing the title of Mister Model Philippines 2014.

UK-educated Adam certainly knows how to play his cards to crack to the winning circle and with a hot-bod you can't ignore minus the scar, his presence would never be left unnoticed as he vie for the Philippines' first Mister Model International title in Dominican Republic come November 1st.

Why did you join Misters of the Philippines?

Misters of the Philippines is one of the biggest male pageants in our country, it is an opportunity I can't turn away as it opens a lot of doors and pathways for its contestants. I also see it as a form of personality development and look forward to learning and gaining experiences throughout the competition, I also fondly anticipate meeting fellow contestants as it is a chance to socialize with similar interests and of similar age to me, as I only get to see my loving family when visiting the Philippines. I was also surprised to see the popularity of pageantry, even male pageants, within the Philippines as it's something you don't see in my culture back home in England, so for me it's a way to educate and explore other aspects of the Filipino culture and to get in touch with my Filipino roots

What is the importance of pageants like Misters of
the Philippines?
For Misters of the Philippines in particular, it showcases the talents, beauty and what Philippines has to offer on a global scale because we have the opportunity to represent Philippines in International pageants across the world. It can also lead to potential career opportunities for its competitors as it has a large following from people in the entertainment and modelling industries. But most importantly I think it has an impact within society because pageantry is so heavily followed by the media so the people involved are put on a pedestal which gives us responsibility to act as role models especially to youngsters to give them belief that through hard work and focus they can succeed in whatever career or passions they choose.
What is your advocacy?
Where I live and grew up, poverty and homelessness isn't a big problem, at least nowhere near on the same scale as in the Philippines. Thus it was quite a culture shock when I came to Philippines for the first time. I saw barefooted women and children, carrying babies and begging car to car in the middle of the heat. It saddens me that each time I return the problem still remains with little improvements being made on the matter of poverty. Although it's fantastic to see rapid economic growth within the Philippine economy over the past decade, especially as a Business & Finance student, it's disturbing to see people living in poverty in slums within a stones throw of sky scrapers in most cities and business districts. So primarily I want to focus on helping towards the ongoing battle of eradicating poverty in Philippines by working alongside established charities in whatever way possible and I'm especially interested in being able to do some volunteering. Hopefully from this competition and possibility of future work I could become an ambassador for one of these charities if I become some sort of public figure.

What is the best thing about being Filipino?

There are many things that make me proud to be Filipino as they are some of the most hospitable, generous and caring people in the world. But I think the best thing which makes us one of the most inspirational nations in the world is that no matter what peoples circumstances they always seem to keep there spirits high and are always smiling and looking happy because we make the most out of things we have rather than dwell on the things we don't have. Filipinos are living proof of the saying 'money doesn't buy happiness'. That's why I'm proud to say I come from the most beautiful place in the world, not just because of its breathtaking landscapes but because of its beautiful people, inside and out.

What is your ambition in life?
Like most people I want to have a successful job, provide for my family, inspire people etc. but I'm still relatively young so I'm still learning from my experiences and finding out what my purpose/ aims in life are. However the one thing I'm most looking forward to is the day I become a father and I want to try and be the best dad I can be, when the time is right.. (Don't take that the wrong way though, I'm definitely not looking to settle down any time soon.

Misters Of The Philippines 2014 winners: (L-R) Joseph Doruelo (Global), Adam Davies (Model), Neil Perez (International) and Judah Cohen (Tourism)

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