Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hunk In Focus: Joseph Doruelo, Mister Global Philippines 2014

Joseph Doruelo - Mister Global Philippines 2014

Among the big four winners of the Misters of the Philippines, the Registered Nurse from Caloocan City, Joseph Doruelo, emerged as my top sentimental favorite. Aside from the fact that we're in the same profession, he exudes a very congenial, therapeutic vibe coupled with a charming countenance which entreats camaraderie.

I am confident that Joseph can hold a candle against his formidable competitors as he campaigns for the highest honors in Mister Global 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Why did you join Misters of the Philippines? 
I decided to join this pageant for the prestige, power and money. Prestige because there is a possibility that I can be famous and popular influencing the lives of others in a positive way. Power because I want to have the connections with respected and influential personalities so that with them I can help in transforming our society into a more progressive and God-fearing one. Finally, I joined for the money so that it could adequately support all my projects and plans— for my family and for the community where I belong.

What is the importance of pageants like Misters of
the Philippines in our country today? 

The importance of this pageant in our country today is that it gives Popularity and Investments. By popularity, it helps to promote our country to the world because this showcases our culture, festivities, beautiful destination spots (like the underground river in Palawan), classic delicacies and products. With this carries the hope that other countries will invest in our in the Philippines whether through business or tourism, and it will help our government and our society to be more progressive.

What is your advocacy? Tell us something about it.
My Advocacies are anti-Corruption, Employment and Health. We should stop corruption so that the funds of our government can be fairly allocated. This will benefit those who need it most. Our country can now serve as an establishment that offers jobs and quality education for a better employment and progress. Lastly, I would support health programs that conduct awareness and affordable medicines in the community. We should start every single day of our lives with conscience, dignity, knowledge, love, and kindness. If we people work together with these qualities I guess we are preparing for a better country into a better world. 

What is the best thing about being a Filipino? 
The best thing about being a Filipino is that we are generous, hospitable, dedicated and strong. This is why people in the world love us. Our characteristics sail us through the good times and in bad times.

What is your ambition in life? 
To be a Doctor, and I don't want to stop learning as a Registered Nurse. I want to be more knowledgeable and I want to strive to learn more about my chosen field of expertise. Just like the lyrics said in a song "Don’t stop believing!"

Misters Of The Philippines 2014 winners: (L-R) Joseph Doruelo (Global), Adam Davies (Model), Neil Perez (International) and Judah Cohen (Tourism)

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