Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hunk In Focus: Neil Perez, Mister International Philippines 2014

Neil Perez - Mister International Philippines 2014

As predicted, the Police Officer achiever from Tondo Manila went home with the top prize in the recently concluded Misters of the Philippines. The 29 year-old gorgeous cop who goes by the real name Mariano Perez Flormata Jr. will be the Philippines' bet for the ninth edition of Mister International finals which will take place next month, October 18th in Seoul city, South Korea. Last year, Neil's predecessor Gil Wagas bagged the country's highest honor (so far) in the Singaporean-owned male beauty quest when he placed as Fourth Runner-Up to Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela. Would luck be on Neil's side this time around? Neil's integrity, discipline and determination are beyond question, for sure he's all up to the demands and pressures of duplicating, if not, even surpassing what Gil had achieved. However the Mister International Organization seems to be fond of mid-eastern/western demi-gods with a distinctively handsome face as their top victors and I'm afraid Neil might be outshined by the outstanding delegates coming from the European continent, middle east and the Americas. I'm still optimistic though that he can breeze through the winning circle and he's greatest weapon to outlast his fiercest opponents the moment he lands in the final five is to articulate a confident yet sensible winning answer.

Why did you join Misters of the Philippines?

- Misters of the Philippines pageant can bring additional opportunities for me in terms of exposure which will eventually help me financially. Through this pageant, I can also show to other people that I can do more aside from being a Police Officer.

What is the importance of pageants like Misters of the Philippines in our country today?
- When the pageant still has relevance, their existence in our society is still important. This pageant can provide so many positive things to male participants which can further boost their self confidence.

What is your advocacy? Tell us something about it.
-My main purpose in joining Misters of the Philippines is to promote what I am really passionate about which is healthy living and how it can positively affect.

What is the best thing about being a Filipino?
- The best thing about being a Filipino is that we are resilient even when faced by tragedies. I am proud to say that we are not easily get affected by negativity that is why Filipinos are known and loved by other nationalities.

What is your ambition in life?
- My ambition in life is to have my own business and at the same time provide for my family and my future. I am very ambitious person and I think it's good that you set your goals in life in order for you to fight and survive in this ever changing world.

Misters Of The Philippines 2014 winners: (L-R) Joseph Doruelo (Global), Adam Davies (Model), Neil Perez (International) and Judah Cohen (Tourism)

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