Sunday, September 7, 2014

Save The Date For Miss Grand International 2014 Grand Coronation

Miss Grand International's inaugural winner and the reigning titleholder Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico

Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico will soon relinquish her crown to the next superbeauty who will be adjudged as the most deserving heiress to continue the noble legacy of the Miss Grand International organization. Following a three-week stretch of fun activities and events, a new set of winners will be named on the grand coronation night which will be held at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok, Thailand, 7th of October 2014. 

The pageant's venue is just a two-hour ride by car from my workplace (barring traffic jam) and you can just imagine how excited I am to meet all the beautiful contenders and see them in motion. However my current workload with all the demands associated with it might hinder such wonderful opportunity. I'd really wish I could, and I'm keeping my fingers' crossed that everything will fall into the right places as planned.
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