Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miss Venezuela 2014: Ever-Ready To Conquer!

Miss Venezuela 2014 for the Big 4 Grandslam Beauty Quests. (L-R) Michelle Bertolini (International), Migbelis Castellanos (Universe) Deborah Menicucci (World) and Stephani de Zorzi (Earth).

Osmel Sousa's reigning prodigies have long been so ready to set their foot in each of their respective beauty battlefield overseas and as expected, Venezuela's prime beauty troopers are brilliantly steeled with the most sophisticated and stylish armaments they can effectively use to exterminate those who will threaten to upstage their chances in clinching the coveted crowns. 

Can someone hold a candle against these formidable, Osmel-trained beauties? Team Philippines, are you ready?
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