Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miss Word Philippines 2014 Screenees: Let The Battle Begins...

Team Kagandahang Flores for Miss World Philippines 2014.
Photo credit: OPMB Worldwide

As expected, only a few hopefuls showed up for the general
Aces and Queens single entrant Valerie Clacio Weigmann
Photo by OPMB Worldwide
screening that was scheduled yesterday with the final callback currently happening today.The invasion of Valerie Weigmann might have intimated those who would like to be the next successor of Megan Young. Could it be another year of landslide victory for the Aces and Queens' sole entry? The prospect of achieving another string of 'hakot' awards and attaining the top prize (just like last year with Megan) is highly feasible considering Valerie's outstanding credentials and unrivaled qualities however to accomplish such, it is still of greatest essence to always be in her best elements and must shy away even from the slightest temptations of letting her guards down all throughout the competition, or else the choicest battle-equipped entries of Kagandahang Flores might steal the thunder from Val as the most hyped (yet worthy) front-runner. KF's prime entrants Lorraine Kendrickson and Rachel Peters who are also both half-breeds like Val are also capable of giving a fiercest fight for the crown, and not to mention the commanding presence of Cebu's KF beauty Gazini Christiana Ganados who graced the screening yesterday with a tiptop styling.

Kagandahang Flores' beauties Cebu's Gazini Ganados and Rachel Peters in their fighting form. Photos by OPMB Worldwide

MWP director Ms. Cory Quirino needs at least 25 delegates to compete for this year's edition. The Press Presentation is scheduled on September 17th and a whirlwind of exciting activities and glittering events will soon follow leading to the grand finals on the 12th of October in the Mall Of Asia Arena.

L-R: KF's bets Gazini Ganados and Lorraine Kendrickson in their evening gowns.
Photos by OPMB Worldwide.

KF's MWP 2014 aspirants:)
Photos by OPMB Worldwide

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