Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miss World Philippines 2014: 18 out of 25 List Of Official Candidates Revealed

Aces and Queen's sole bet Valerie Weigmann is the one to beat:) 
Photo by OPMB Worldwide

The 18 Official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2014 together with MWP's Director Ms. Cory Quirino: Theresa Regli, Eliza Johanna Cruz, Moriel Olea, Valerie Weigmann, Kimberley Pajares, Frances Ruth Constantino, Grace Ann Bautista, Gazini Christiana Ganados, Lorraine Kendrickson, Ranielah Marie Oval, Nilda Ibe, Rachel Louise Peters, Jean Marie Feliciano, Nicole Donesa, Roxanne Cabanero, Priscilla Kimberley de la Cruz, Rachelle Emmylou Carandang, Kimberley Anne Sarreal, Kristine Angeli Estoque, Alexa Rae Kirby and Christine Balaguer. Photo Credit: Missosology. Org

The official (yet still incomplete) list of 18 candidates who
Valerie Weigmann in swimsuit.
will vie for this year's edition of Miss World Philippines has been announced yesterday after a two-day general screening was successfully conducted in Raven Botique Club located at the penthouse level of the W fifth building in Fort Bonifacio Global City. The complete set of 25 candidates are expected to be formally introduced in the Press Presentation Show which will take place on Wednesday, September 17th. Four ladies from the province will be joining plus three more (who haven't secured yet their parents' consent) are expected to fill the roster of 25 aspirants.
Among of the 18 candidates who were introduced yesterday, there are only four beauties so far who in my own opinion are considered to be battle-ready. Needless to say, it was still Valerie Weigmann who clearly stood out by miles, even though she lost a bit of her spark and still needs to work out on her smile and youthful glow. Trailing behind her were the Kagandahang Flores flag bearers led by Lorraine Kendrickson who exudes a very charming, sweet-girl vibe, Rachel Peters with her svelte figure, 'Bisdak' beauty Gazini Ganados and Raniella Olao. Let see if the 7 ladies who will join next week's Press Presentation can hold a candle against these formidable front-runners.

L-R: Lorraine Kendrickson, Raniella Olao, Gazini Ganados, and Rachel Peters.
L-R: Valerie Weigmann and Lorraine Kendrickson
Lorraine Kendrickson
L-R: Valerie Weignmann and Rachel Peters

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