Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miss World Philippines 2014 Press Presentation: The Unstoppable Trio

Miss World Philippines 2014 front-runners (L-R): Lorraine Kendrickson, Valerie Weigmann and Rachel Peters. Photos by OPMBWorldwide

During the recently-held presentation of official candidates for this year's search for the next Miss World Philippines, one couldn't help but notice the three beauties who effortlessly mesmerized the press as well as the ardent onlookers with their enchanting charm and bewitching beauty. Valerie Weigman who sported a jet-black, glossy straight hair neatly tucked behind was a real stunner, not to mention those valuptuous sexy curves lodged in the right places. I must say, she's way more gorgeous and glowing without the fake tan:)

Rachel Peters on the other hand, literally blew me away with the excellent styling she got today. The Victoria's secret-inspired wavy hair that's swept on the other side really fits best on her. She's definitely an upgrade compared to her last week's general screening look and I'm certain that she has more surprises up her sleeve as the competition starts rolling. 

While the ever-beautiful Lorraine Kendrickson did not disappoint her fans with her winsome presentation skills. As expected, she's always in her best elements and has always been so adorably consistent and delightfully endearing since day one. Let see if she can maintain the momentum as the pageant season progresses.

L-R: Lorraine, Valerie and Rachel. Who's your bet?

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