Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Miss Universe Best In National Costumes From 2009-2013

Miss Universe Best in National Costume Awardee: L-R Diana Xu Jidan of China (2012) and Nastassja Bolivar of Nicaragua (2013)

Fontip Watcharatrakul - Miss Universe
2010 Best In National Costume
and Miss Photogenic
The National Costume showdown is one of the highly anticipated events in Miss Universe. It is when all of the most stunning girls from around the world would showcase each of their respective traditional dress enriched with their own cultural heritage in creative fashion.
And the five best national costumes during the recent years were as follows: Panama's Diana Patricia Broce (2009), Thailand's Fontip Watcharatrakul (2010) who also won the Miss Photogenic award. Panama's Sheldry Saez (2011) who duplicated Diana's win in 2009 and even went on to earn a spot in the top 10, China's Diana Xu Jidan (2012) and the last but not the least, Nicaragua's Nastassja Bolivar (2013) who also placed in the top 16.

Whom do you think is the ultimate best among the five bests? Share your pick:)

Panama won the Best in National Costume twice within five years. Diana Patricia Broce in 2009 and Sheldryl Saez in 2011

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