Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are You Excited For The Miss International Season?


In just a matter of weeks from now, a new Ambassadress of beauty, goodwill and peace will be crowned in the Land of the Rising Sun. Who do you think will inherit the pearl-encrusted Mikimoto crown currently on the lovely head of Philippines' Bea Rose Santiago?
A throng of 87+ beauties from around the globe will converge in Japan's capital in the hope to conquer the 54th title of one of the longest running beauty pageants in the world. Will the 54th edition be a three-peat year for the Asians? Or will the crown be nabbed again by the prettiest South American? The ladies from the European as well as from African continents are also as capable of snatching the thunder from the presumed front contenders with the latter being fiercely poised to grab its first Miss International title.
If you're planning to watch all the gorgeous ladies 'live' in contention, might as well grab the opportunity now while the tickets are still on sale. Check out the photo below for more details. Finals will be staged in the Grand Prince Hotel, New Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan on November 11, 2014. 

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