Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cuba's Daryanne Lees Wins Miss Grand International 2014

Miss Grand International 2014 is Daryanne Lees of Cuba!

The crowning moment:)
And it's Daryanne Lees of Cuba who emerged as the Grandest Winner of the night!

After a three-week stint of fiercely-contested events leading to the grand finals staged inside the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok City, Thailand, Daryanne Lees of Cuba outlasted a throng of 84 global beauties and was hailed as Miss Grand International 2014. She was crowned by last year's winner Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico who is the inaugural titleholder of the Bangkok-based beauty pageant.

The Grand Winners!

Proclaimed as First Runner-Up was Hiwot Mamo of Ethiopia, Second Runner-Up was Canada (Kathryn Kohut) followed by Australia (Renera Thompson) as Third Runner-Up and Colombia (Monica Castano) as Fourth Runner-Up respectively.

The Final Five

Rounding up the Top Ten finalists were:

Best In Swimsuit!
1. Poland - Angelika Ogryzek
2. Colombia - Monica Castano
3. Australia - Renera Thompson
4. Cuba - Daryanne Lees
5. Ethiopia - Hiwot Mamo
6. Thailand - Parapadsorn Disdamrong
7. Haiti - Lisa Drouillard
8. Russia - Yana Dubnik
9. Canada - Kathryn Kohut
10. Indonesia - Margeni Winarti

Completing the Top Twenty semi-finalists were:

1.Australia - Renera Thompson
Best in Evening Gown - Indonesia

2.Mexico - Marsha Ramirez
3.Ukraine - Nadiya Karplyuk
4. Colombia - Monica Castano
5.Russia - Yana Dubnik
6.United Kingdom - Georgia Smith
7. Puerto Rico - Rebeca Valentin
8. Sri Lanka - Iresha Asanki
9. Ethiopia - Hiwot Mamo
10.Thailand - Parapadsorn Disdamrong
11. Israel - Hodaya Cohen
12. Indonesia - Margeni Winarti
13. Haiti - Lisa Drouillard
14. Brazil - Yameme Faical Ibrahim
15. Cuba - Daryanne Lees
16. Venezuela - Alix Sosa
17. Japan - Mieko Takieuchi
18. Poland - Angelika Ogryzek
19. Canada - Kathryn Kohut
20. Peru - Sophia Venero

85 Gorgeous contenders vying for the night's most coveted crown.

The Special Awardees of the night were as follows:
Best In National Costume - Vietnam, Cao Linh
Best In Swimsuit - Thailand, Parapadsorn Disdamrong
Best In Evening Gown - Indonesia, Margeni Winarti
Best Social Media Award - Japan, Mieko Takieuchi
Miss Popular Vote - Cambodia Tim Sreyneat

Special Awardees of the night:) ASIAN beauties bagged all the coveted awards.

The coronation night was hosted by Matthew Deane and Sonya Colling.

The finale's hosts
Miss Grand International 2013 and 2014 - Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico and the reigning Daryanne Lees of Cuba

Congratulations Ladies!

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