Thursday, October 9, 2014

EBD's Final Prediction For Miss World Philippines 2014: The Winners & Spoilers

Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Lynne Young

A few days from now, a new Miss World Philippines 2014 will be crowned in the SM Mall Of Asia Arena. Among the 26 beautiful ladies vying for the much coveted crown this year, who do you think will be the deserving successor of Megan Young who has the most potential to deliver a back-to-back Miss World victory in London, England come December 14th? 

Who will succeed Megan Young as the next Miss World Philippines?

Without further ado, here is my own personal list of the top contenders who might win it all on the finals eve of Miss World Philippines 2014.

The Winning Circle

Miss World Philippines 2014: Valerie Clacio Weigmann

Although a two-year consecutive win in Miss World seems to be an insurmountable possibility, I have such strong faith that with Valerie's unrivaled beauty and topnotch credentials (coupled with her remarkable beauty-with-a-purpose project), we can certainly make a resounding back-to-back victory. Val is undeniably in the league of her own and the MWP crown is for her to lose.

First Princess: Lorraine Kendrickson 

This Dumaguete lass is every inch a Miss World prototype who got a striking resemblance to the reigning Miss Workd Megan Young - Sweet face, charming presence, youthful elegance and fluid eloquence, however at the moment it's too risky to crown another beauty who got an eerie similarity to its predecessor. The presence of her formidable opponents - Valerie and Rachel are also a huge threat for her to achieve the top plum. The two towering beauties edged her out in the height and vital stat departments.

Second Princess: Rachel Louise Peters

Rachel is undeniably blessed with a drop-dead gorgeous body that is hard to ignore and hers is the one to beat in the competition. However when it comes to facial symmetry and entrancing beauty, Val and Lorraine easily outshined her.

Third Princess: Gazini Ganados

There's no doubt that Gazini has one of the most beautiful faces in the bunch. She only needs to further tone down her midsection area and get away with those flabby abs to be able keep up with the three front-runners ahead of her.

Fourth Princess: Ina Dominica Guerrero

She's exotic and gorgeous. She can easily pass as a Southeast Asian vixen and if she plays her cards right come finals, she can be an ultimate spoiler to the front-runners. If Madame Cory would really insist to crown a pure-blooded Pinay this time, then she's definitely the best choice among the bunch of the 'native-looking' aspirants. 

Rounding up the Top Ten Finalists are:

The Spoilers

6. Nelda Ibe
She certainly knows her angles and her styling serves her best. The top five front runners are just strong this year however if luck would be on her side, who knows she could pull the rug under their feet?

7. Alexa Kirby

Alexa is beaming with youthfulness and charming vibes. However she's a bit on the chunky side, and lacks the so called X-factor. A slimmer body form suits her best. I know she's still young and has more time to improve and ripen into a stunning belle. 

8. Priscilla Dela Cruz

She got the classic towering form and if only she could have styled better, she can definitely hold a candle against the touted front-runners in the competition. But it isn't yet too late as she still have a few more days before the coronation finale.

9. Christine Balaguer

Now that she's been taken by the Aces and Queens, I'm pretty certain she would be able to learn a thing or two from the renowned beauty queen makers on how to snatch a winsome score in each segment of the competition. Let see if she can muster all the learnings she received from her A&Q camp.

10. Nicole Donesa

Nicole ain't a novice in pageantry. She's been a Binibini candidate last 2013 and with the experience and exposure she's been through in the country's most prestigious beauty quest she must have learned how to navigate leading to a victorious possible placement in the finals. 

Good Luck Ladies:)

So there it goes:) My own list of top contenders who 'might' possibly clinch the coveted honors on the coronation night. I am just hoping these "feelings in my bones" would serve me right this time:)

Congratulations ladies! See you on October 12th for the grand coronation night of Miss World Philippines 2014.

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