Monday, August 7, 2017

Healthhub Knockout: Sweet Potato Vs. White Potato

The white and the sweet potatoes have always been known
for their rich nutritional value. They're packed with vitamins like vitamin A which is excellent for healthier vision, vitamin C which can strengthen the immune system and help in collagen formation for a firmer youthful skin, vitamin B6 which reduces homocysteine in our body, a chemical that is linked with degenerative diseases and hearth attacks. They're also enriched with minerals like potassium, a major positively charged intracellular ion which contributes in the overall cardiovascular health and magnesium which is an anti-stress mineral that helps for efficient nerve function. 

And did I forget to mention that both are blessed with a massive amount of fiber which have been clinically proven to be effective in reducing the risks of acquiring the dreaded colorectal cancer and other digestive health problems? The sweet and white potatoes are not only readily available especially in tropical countries where they grow in abundance, they're also inexpensive and delicious. And in terms of cooking, they can be very versatile. Both can be roasted, puréed, steamed or even grilled. But which of the two is way healthier? Find out the health and wellness champ as the healthhub referee from Cleveland Clinic pits the two in one knockout ring:

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