Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Joseph Doruelo Through the Lens of Mark Alvarez

Joseph Doruelo
Mister Global Philippines 2014

It would be quite hard not to notice Joseph Doruelo's substantial improvements from the moment he sets his foot in pageantry till today that he's about to relinquish his title (in a few weeks time) as the reigning Mister Global Philippines 2014 to his eventual successor. From his youthful brawny looks and adorable modelesque stance, he never failed to project a dash of naturally-vibrant persona that noticeably accentuates a desirable image to his overall charm and appeal. Which is why it's not surprising that he's a constant delight among this generation's talented photographers here and even abroad. And Mark Alvarez's recent photoshoots with Joseph can definitely attest to that.😉 

Photography: Mark Alvarez
Make-Up: Darwin Macabeles
Hair Stylist: Saga Abad
Stylists: Yenyen Navalta and Dansei Kun

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