Sunday, January 15, 2017

The 65th Miss Universe Face-Off: Panama vs Argentina

Keity Drenna of Panama vs Estefania Bernal of Argentina 

Estefania Bernal in her swimwear
Truth be told, I have not included the delegates from Panama and Argentina in my early list of front-runners until I have seen their videos during their respective arrivals in Manila. And oh boy! These South American beauties can definitely give the other ladies in the competition a run for their money.

It's been 54 years since Argentina won its first Miss Universe crown, courtesy of Norma Nolan and this year, Estefania Bernal is determined to score a second victory for her country. She is 21 years old and stands 5'8" tall. Estefania is currently working as a professional model while studying Media Communication. She hopes to become a television producer someday and if crowned Miss Universe, she plans to use this as her platform for women empowerment. It is given that Estefania is gorgeous however her sash factor is weak so the likelihood of Estefania breaking through the Semi-final round is feasible only if she knows how to play her cards right. 

On the other hand, Keity Drennan of Panama (former Miss International
Keity Drennan of Panama 
2011 4th Runner-Up) dreams to duplicate Justine Pasek's Miss Universe title in 2002. Justine was actually the first runner-up to the eventual winner Oxana Fedorova of Russia however after Oxana was dethroned, Justine assumed the title, giving her country their first Miss Universe crown. The possibility of Keity emerging victorious in the finals is not far-fetched. After all, she has the makings of a Miss Universe winner - gorgeous physical features, commendable communication skills and a confidently beautiful persona. When she speaks she reminds me of the famous Mexican actress Thalia who has that effervescent charm written all over her. Keity is 26 years old with a statuesque height of 5'9". Just like Estefania, Keity is a professional model and presently works with Next Models in Miami. If Keity wins Miss Universe, she hopes to advocate for children with Autism. 

Keity Drennan of Panama. Will she be the 65th Miss Universe? 

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