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The 65th Miss Universe Face Off: Thailand vs Indonesia

The 65th Miss Universe Face-Off: Thailand's Chalita Suansane vs. Indonesia's Kezia Warouw

The most beautiful day in the universe will be happening live in Manila, Philippines come January 30th (29th in the USA) when the 65th Miss Universe season (technically Miss Universe 2016) will be staged in the Mall of Asia Arena in the city capital. This will be the third time that the pageant will be held in Asia's pageant-crazy, 'Miss Universe'-country. And expect that with the Filipinos' hospitality and adoration with Miss Universe, I bet that this will be the grandest edition ever in recent years! The beautiful delegates from the around the world will definitely have a great time as they will be touring around the country's scenic tourist destinations and will be experiencing the warmest support and love from the locals.

Speaking of 'beautiful delegates', Thailand's Chalita Suansane and Indonesia's Kezia Warouw are gaining momentum as their avid supporters and loyal fans are rigorously campaigning for their respective victories in the upcoming Miss Universe finals. These two have seemingly been being pitted endlessly from each other as to whom will emerge triumphant. And both deserve the hype, I reckon. Chalita is aiming for her country's third Miss Universe win, while Kezia is gunning for Indonesia's first taste of Miss Universe victory. Indonesia hasn't landed in the Top 10 since the pageant's inception 65 years ago. Top 15 is Indonesia's highest Miss Universe placement so far. Will Kezia achieve a higher spot than her predecessors? 

Face-off: Between these two ladies - Chalita Suansane of Thailand  and Kezia Warouw of Indonesia, whom do you think got the edge and will most likely outshine the other and achieve a higher spot in the coronation night?

During the 65th Miss Universe kick-off party event that was hosted on the  second week of December
Kezia and Chalita during the Miss Universe 2016 kick-off
 party event in Manila, Philippines last December 2016. 
last year where both Chalita and Kezia have been invited, it seems to me that Chalita was able to successfully amass a number of local fans with her sweet demeanor and charming aura. She exuded a humble, down-to-earth persona and with her endearing charm, a lot of local folks were able to appreciate her beauty. It is also helpful that she looks every inch like a Filipina, that's why it isn't surprising that Filipinos could easily relate with her. Suffice it to say, Chalita's fashion sense is also very trendy and pretty stylish. In fact, the reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach noticed it and personally told her how much she liked her outfit. The only waterloo that Chalita needs to work on is her communication skills. She direly needs to express herself well in basic English to win the competition.

On the other hand, Kezia appears to be fierce and stiff when you look at her. She is too serious and barely smiles. I believe this is the area that she needs to work on as she seems to be cold and unapproachable. If you look at the previous Miss Universe winners, all have pleasant, gorgeous faces and seems to possess tons of positive energies around them.
Kezia Warouw of Indonesia
They're someone you are not afraid to approach to and befriend with no matter how glorious and intimidating the crown on their head. Just like Chalita, Kezia needs to improve her communication skills. Although I admit, Kezia has the upper-hand than Chalita in terms of proficiency in using the English language which is very important as the Miss Universe titleholder will be the organization's ambassadress for the whole year in spearheading its causes. But still Kezia needs to enhance her diction and accent as it is apparently not universally appealing to the ears at the moment. However, the training that Kezia had undergone with Aces and Queens' Jonas Gaffud and Albert Kurniawan in the Philippines might significantly help her in cementing a formidable status in securing a higher placement come finals.

So in a nutshell, it appears to me (without any biases, just pure observation and heartfelt assessment), that Chalita Suansane of Thailand has earned a much higher points in my scoresheet than Indonesia's Kezia Warouw. Chalita's banging body and gorgeous curves alone are too hot to handle. How about you dearest readers, who's your bet between the two? Do you agree with mine?  

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