Friday, January 13, 2017

The 65th Miss Universe Face-Off: Venezuela vs Colombia

Mariam Habach of Venezuela vs Andrea Tovar of Colombia

It has been said that Miss Universe wouldn't be complete without Venezuela and Colombia in the competition. Since time immemorial, they have always been in the list of top favorites in winning the crown. And we couldn't blame the throng of fans from raving with these modelesque glamazons and the pageant enthusiasts from putting them in the frontline of their hotpicks since the Venezuelan and Colombian delegates have always been gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful. Performance and beauty-wise, they have set the bar so high for the other contenders to emulate, thanks to their handlers' efforts and passion in perfectly molding their beauty queens to be the best, empowered version of themselves.

Venezuela has currently 7 Miss Universe crowns with a number of runner-up and semi-final placements. They are considered as an 'over-achiever' in the world of pageantry. With more than a year-long preparation before the pageant schedule, it ain't surprising why they always end up victorious. You can't just simply ignore a gorgeous Latina candidate who is well-prepared and polished in all aspects! And this year's Venezuelan delegate Mariam Habach is no exemption. Her physical transformation is awe-inspiring and she is more than ready to prove once again in the universe that Venezuela is the world's leading beauty superpower. 

Unlike Venezuela, Colombia is not as lucky as their pageant arch-rival. They've been tagged in the pageant world as the perennial first runner-up Queen since more often than not, they always end up as the first runner-up especially in Miss Universe. In fact, Colombia achieved a rare triple-feat consecutive first runner-up victory in 1992, 1993 and 1994! They also placed first runner-up in the 2008 and 2015 editions. And Andrea Tovar, this year's Colombian representative will try to break that first runner-up spell and win Colombia's third Miss Universe crown. Will she make it? At this rate, a lot of pageant aficionados here and abroad are putting her on the top spot among the pool of contenders this year despite the flak that she received after her video went viral showing her undesirable behavior towards the media staff.

If you are going to ask me, whom am I going to choose between the two, then my vote would certainly go for someone whose beauty is more than skin deep. Someone who has a great personality and good work ethics. Someone who is able to show grace under pressure. Someone who is professional and pleasant enough to face the mind-boggling questions from the press and adoring fans. Someone who is confidently beautiful with a heart.! And without a doubt, I believe that with the criteria set above, you are certain by now who among the two fits the bill. Like, obviously.

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