Thursday, March 23, 2017

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Press Presentation: The Perfect Seven

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Third Hotpicks. The Perfect Seven. 

Sirene Sutton during the Press Presentation
of Binibining Pilipinas 2017 at Novotel Hotel.
Photo Credit: Joy Arguil
The 39 candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2017 were finally introduced to the media yesterday at the Novotel Hotel in Cubao. The first set of seven ladies who stood out from the rest were as follows: 

1. Sirene Sutton (13) - She's perfection personified from head to toe during the Press Presentation. Sirene got the beauty of the face combined with a well-toned, gorgeous body to boot. Her communication skills are also fine. So if Miss Universe is scheduled tomorrow, she is the perfect girl to wear the sash of the Philippines.

2. Jehza Huelar  (10) - Her lean, well-proportioned physique makes her six-feet taller. She also has a beautiful South-east Asian face. Being last year's Binibing Pilipinas second runner-up, Jehza really did her assignment excellently and used it to her advantage now that she's joining again to nab a crown. Her style is always on-point! Bravo!

3. Charmaine Elima (32) - She has really improved a lot from her first Binibini stint in 2013. Charmaine's dusky Asian features also make her a stand-out from the rest. I like the way she's being styled during the Press Presentation. She should continue that and just focus on the elements that enhance her overall aura and beauty.

4. Rachel Peters (19) - She seemed to have always brought with her that laidback Australian vibes, even on stage. I want to see in her eyes some fierceness and eagerness to win the top plum. It's noteworthy mentioning though that Rachel's styling is just perfectly right on the spot, so kudos to her mentors and glam team for not overdoing it.

5. Dindi Pajares (24) - She's one of my top favorites to win a crown last year. I even predicted her to win the Grand title but luck wasn't on her favor last edition. Dindi is definitely coming back with a vengeance. She looks radiant as always and I have this very strong feeling that a bigger crown awaits for her on the coronation night. I hope so! 

6 Nelda Ibe (18) - She appeared with extra curves during the first few days of the application but look at her now! She is looking so fresh and with a banging waistline. Nelda is really determined to win (after a second runner-up finish in Miss World Philippines 2014) and if she continues to improve and pleasantly surprise us, I bet she will be able to bag one of the crowns come coronation night.

7. Chanel Thomas (22) - She is giving me a 'Mona Lisa' vibes. She seems to be giving off a mystifying aura as she does a pasarela. Given her Miss Philippines Earth Air finish in 2015, I believe that Chanel has accumulated sufficient wisdom that will guide her through as she navigates towards a winsome performance in the Binibini finals.

Next will be the ladies who made it to my 'Elite Seven' (3rd Hotpicks). Find out who the girls will be. Stay on track! Goodnight! 
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