Friday, March 24, 2017

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Press Presentation: Elite Seven

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 (3rd Hotpicks), the Elite Seven. Photo Credit: Joy Arguil 

And to continue with our third hotpicks for Binibining Pilipinas 2017, here are the ladies who made it in my list of 'Elite Seven'. 

1. Katarina Rodriguez - She may not have an hourglass figure, but we can't deny the fact that she has the prettiest face in the competition. Her upper torso and the hip area are almost deprived of those bombshell curves that generally give a beauty queen an alluring illusion as she walks on stage. Nonetheless, she still looks great. I suggest that she should have a work-out regimen to trim down her torso a bit. 
Katarina Rodriguez during the Bb. Pilipinas
2017 Press Presentation. Photo Credit: 

Joy Arguil 

2. Dane Marasigan - I haven't seen yet a single photo of her that is not appealing. She looks beautiful in still images in any angle and is doing well in the competition so far. I am betting a finalist placement for this girl or even higher. Let's see if she can sustain the momentum.

3. Mariel de Leon - As we all know, Mariel has this classic beauty. She has one of the prettiest faces in the competition alongside with Katarina. But just like Katarina, Mariel needs to seriously work on her body and trim it down further. I also want her to improve her pasarela as it is not that at par with what I have expected from her at the moment. However when it comes to communication skills, she is excellent! 

4. Clarice Villareal - Her styling during the Press Presentation suits her pretty well. The abs were gorgeous too. It only shows that she had really put a lot of effort to be in tip top shape for the competition. Clarice's determination to win is palpable and I am hoping that she'll get what she wants on the finals. 

5. Jessica Ramirez - Just like Clarice, Jessica's overall styling during the Press Con was also the best for her. It basically brought out her best elements. She has a very Filipina appeal and her body-to-hip ratio was also well-proportioned, thus making her much taller than she actually is. I can only hope for the best for her on the finale night. 

6. Liezel Ramos - I would honestly say that she looks way more gorgeous in professional photos than in her candids. She seems to be giving off an aura of an exotic Asian vixen in her still images and she is very good with it. Will a third time a charm for Liezel? I hope so.

7. Angelique de Leon - I believe she deserves at least a semi-final spot in her third and last attempt in Binibining Pilipinas, if not one of the crowns. Hers is a story of hope and determination to make her dreams into a reality. A plus-size bullied girl before down to a physically-fit, well-spoken lady that she is today. 

Spoiler Seven is up next. Find out who made it in my list. Stay tuned! 

*Special thanks to photographer Joy Arguil for the beautiful images. 

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