Monday, March 27, 2017

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Press Presentation: Spoiler Seven

Spoiler Seven Third Hotpicks of Binibining Pilipinas 2017. 

The following beauties comprised the third hotpicks for my Spoiler Seven category for this year's edition of Binibining Pilipinas 2017. 

Joselle Mariano during the Press
Presentation of Binibining Pili
pinas 2017
1. Joselle Mariano (5) - She is not your ordinary Binibini candidate. Twenty-one year-old Joselle is a National Champion Swimmer and a Tourism major at the Main Campus of Cavite State University.She has also participated in various beauty contests before joining this year's Binibini so with the previous pageant experiences and a gorgeous beauty to boot, Joselle can be a real threat for the crowns of Binibining Pilipinas.

2. Maria Gail Tobes (3) - Binibini no. 3 hails from Northern Samar. She is 22 years-old and is a licensed Veterinarian who graduated with Cum Laude honors at the University of Eastern Philippines. Just like Joselle, Maria Gail isn't new in the pageant world. She has joined quite a few local  beauty contests before trying her luck in this year's Binibining Pilipinas edition. Let's see if beauty and brains Maria Gail will earn the judges' nod come coronation night.

3. Kimberly Pajares (11) - She may not be as popular as her sister Dindi Pajares who is also competing this year's edition but Kim as she's fondly called is a strong candidate not to be missed of. Kim has been serving one of the government hospitals in the country as a Registered Nurse for two years before finally embarking as a Flight Attendant in Ph's national flag carrier together with her sister.Will she be able to nab one of the crowns  on the pageant's final judgment night? I am keeping my fingers' crossed that the two sisters will be able to clinch a spot in the winning circle. Isn't it lovely?

4. Lara Grace Lacap (16) - She is 23 years-old and a BS Tourism Management graduate from San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila. Although Lara is a newbie in Binibining Pilipinas, she had joined a couple of local beauty contests before while still studying. Will this morena beauty win a coveted crown in the country's biggest beauty pageant?

5. Christagale Borja (20) - She is another Binibini candidate this year with a beauty and brains calibre. As previously blogged Christagale graduated from a prestigious university in London with flying colors - First Class Honours which is equivalent to Magna Cum Laude. Considering her scholastic achievement and the fluidity of expressing her thoughts using the universal language, acing the interview rounds of the pageant will be very easy for Crista, that, if the judges will put an excellent mark in the face and beauty department.

6. Sammie Legaspi (37) - When she presented herself during the Press Presentation, Sammie was oozing with confidence and beauty. The style and her catwalk skills were also on point and considering a fairly successful previous pageant experience being last year's Second Runner-Up of Miss Global Philippines, Sammie is now using all that she had learnt to stand out in a pool of beauties. 

7. Arienne Calingo (2) - Among the candidates this year, Arienne has the most impressive credentials written in her resume.  As posted previously in my blog, Arienne came close in winning last year's Miss World Philippines when she bagged the First Runner-Up title. She is multilingual as she is able to speak fluently five languages - Arabic, Spanish, Filipino, English and Thai. She graduated with honors from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and presently working as a lecturer of Arabic language at Holy Angel University while serving as Educational USA Ambassador for the U.S Embassy in Manila. With an excellent scholastic background, I wouldn't be surprised if she will zoom to the top of the leaderboard knowing how fond Stella is of achiever beauties like Arienne. 

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