Monday, April 24, 2017

Travel and Tourism: Indigo Hotel Bangkok

Sawasdee Khrub. Welcome to Hotel Indigo Bangkok! 

Let's take a break for a while from our relentless beauty-queen posts and let us explore a bit of this one gorgeous luxury hotel that I have just discovered recently. If you are planning for a holiday in the metropolis of Bangkok for a couple of days and you want an accommodation with a five-star rating, then I would highly recommend Hotel Indigo Bangkok at Wireless Road. Aside from the fact that it is embedded with luxurious amenities that you would surely enjoy, it is also a stone's throw distance from the high-end malls and BTS, making it fairly accessible. 

**I didn't bring my professional camera with me, so all the images you will see here were taken from my iphone. 

Executive Room - Hotel Indigo Hotel Bangkok Wireless Road 
The Executive Room where I have stayed was fully furnished with all the necessary facilities. It was spacious, there was a sofa next to the bed, a stylish working table, and the toilet as well as the shower rooms were separate, both at the opposite ends. There was also a small balcony outside the room where you could enjoy the scenic sights of the city while having your complimentary morning coffee or perhaps your afternoon tea. 

Executive Room - Hotel Indigo Hotel Bangkok Wireless Road
The room was equipped with a coffee maker (so you could make your coffee instantly whenever you like it) plus a fridge filled with first-class wines, fruit juices, chocolates, and other beverages. The suite had a high-speed internet connection as well as a wide-screen television with many channels you could choose from. 

Executive room's bathtub (garden view) at Indigo Hotel Bangkok. 

What I liked most during my stay was the relaxing bubble bathtub with the garden and city view. The feel was simply rejuvenating to the senses as you were soaked in scented bubbles while looking outside a beautiful backdrop of well-manicured flowers and towering skyscrapers. 

Enjoying the bubble bath - Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road 

You could listen too with your favorite music to help you unwind and feel relaxed in your 'me-time' moments. The facility had an automated control by the side of the sink for you to raise or lower the privacy blinds in the bathroom. 

The infinity pool at Hotel Indigo Bangkok. 
It's me enjoying the infinity swimming pool - Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road 
Cheers for a brighter tomorrow! - Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road 

Perhaps the most anticipated part of being inside a luxury hotel was the opportunity to explore its gorgeous facilities and that includes relaxing at the infinity pool while being mesmerized completely by the panoramic view of the cityscape. Every angle was just picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy. Indigo's infinity pool was something that you shouldn't miss because it was just extremely beautiful on top! There was also a soothing music playing in the background and a poolside menu was just right at the corner where you could order your favorite cocktail or even fresh coconut juices. 

Breakfast buffet - Hotel Indigo Bangkok, Wireless Road 

A breakfast buffet together with La Carte items were served during my stay. I went to the dining room much earlier so I would be the first few ones to be served. Less crowd, much better. They certainly had all the food you wanted in the world - from healthier breakfast options to a saturated fat-rich menu. My favorite were the grains and cereals soaked with Soya milk and mixed with a variety of seeds, dried fruits and nuts. Different flavored-yogurt, fruit juices and bread fresh from the oven were also in the buffet spread. 

Breakfast is served - Hotel Indigo Bangkok - Wireless Road 

The ambiance was great in the area and the setting was pretty stylish too. The overall theme was a combination of traditional Thai and modern designs. You can also dine just outside the dining room where you could be close with nature. It was arrayed with lush green trees and beautiful garden. 

Scenes at the rooftop bar during the night - Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road 

Although my stay at Hotel Indigo Bangkok in Wireless Road was relatively short, it was still very memorable. I really enjoyed every moment of it. You know, it is not everyday that you can have the opportunity to unwind in one of Bangkok's top luxury hotels with a winning five-star rating. Should you wish to experience the bliss of staying at Indigo, you may check out this link for more details. You can find here all you need to know about the location of the place as well as the booking information. 

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