Sunday, April 23, 2017

Miss Earth: Ghana's Trash in Bin Campaign a Success!

Miss Earth 2016 beauties taking part in the launching of Trash in Bin Campaign project in Accra, Ghana. 

Miss Earth is the only major beauty pageant that actively promotes and campaign for the protection and preservation of our Mother Earth. It is the only pageant where its main winner, runners-up, finalists and even the non-placers are still seen 'active' in spearheading their respective environmental advocacies and attending various events even after the competition. 

The launching of the Trash in Bin Campaign in Ghana is one of the latest environmental-related activities being attended by our Miss Earth 2016 beauties. The event was organized by the Miss Earth Ghana Organization with the support from their national government. It basically encourages people to develop the habit of putting their trash or rubbish in bins instead of littering the environment with it. It is an initiative to keep the world clean by throwing the garbage in the bin and not just anywhere else. 

Miss Earth Air 2016 Michelle Gomez from Colombia , Miss Earth 2016 Top 16 finalist Luissa Burton from England, Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell from the Philippines, Miss Earth India 2016 Rashi Yadav, Miss Earth Bahamas 2016 Candisha Rolle, Miss Earth Zambia 2016 Sharon Enkromelle Andrew, Miss Earth Lebanon 2016 Carole Kahwagi and Miss Earth Nigeria 2016 Chioma Precious Obiadi have joined forces to assist the launching of the project together with Miss Earth Ghana 2016 Deborah Eyram Dodor in Accra, Ghana. 

The Earth warriors have stayed in the city capital of Ghana for a couple of days not only for the launching of the said program but also to meet some very important government officials and ministers of the Environment, Culture and Tourism. Of course, the beauties have been feted like royalties, touring Ghana's tourism destinations after taking part in some charity events and tree-planting activities. 

Miss Earth 2016 beauties actively promoting the Trash in Bin Campaign project in Accra, Ghana.

Some of the Miss Earth 2016 beauties in Accra, Ghana for the Trash in Bin Campaign. 

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