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Bus 407 from Pattaya, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos Guidelines

The Bus 407 Station from Pattaya, Thailand to Nong Khai Bus Terminal 

Are you planning to go to Vientiane, Laos from Pattaya, Thailand by bus for visa run or vacation? Here are the most important facts or tips that you should know:

1. Location. The Bus 407 station is located along Sukhumvit road at Central Pattaya or Pattaya Klang within the vicinity of the Green S Revolution petrol gas station. Bus 407 is the only bus that goes to the capital city of Laos from Pattaya.

The Bus 407 Station is below this bridge within the compound of Green S Revolution Petrol Gas Station. 
At the right side of these Dolphin statues is the Green S Revolution petrol gas station where the Bus 407 Station is located. 
Inside the Green S Revolution petrol gas station where you can find the Bus 407.
The Bus 407 Station. 

2. Ticket. It is much wiser to buy the ticket a day or two before the date of your departure. You might run out of tickets when you buy it on the day of your trip just like what happened to me last time. Buy the ticket going to Nong Khai Bus Terminal. VIP (one way)  ticket cost 689 ThB and around 460 ThB for the non-VIP as of this writing.

3. Time. Always be there at least 30 minutes before the time of your departure. You might be caught in a gridlocked traffic jam in Sukhumvit road. The bus will never wait for you when you're late. So better be early! There are only two schedules of the buses going to Nong Khai. The first one leaves at around 8:00 am and the other bus leaves in the evening at around 19:00.

4. Free food and drinks. If you're seating in the VIP section, you will be served with food and snacks. I'm not quite sure though if the non-VIPs are also served the same. But there's one thing you should be concerned of if you are a Vegetarian because most of the times, they're serving meals with meat especially pork.

5. Convenience and Safety. If you are not traveling by plane, I would always recommend to my friends going to Laos to take the bus instead of the van because aside from the fact that the bus is much safer, (there have been more accidents with the van recently) you can be seated more comfortably in your seat. In the VIP section of Bus 407, the passengers are given blankets and the reclining seats are much more comfortable than the van when you decide to sleep. It's a 12-hour ride, so by the time that you wake up, you have already reached Nong Khai Bus Terminal.

The VIP seats of Bus 407. 

6. From Nong Khai to the Thai Boundary. Tuktuk is the only public vehicle that is most accessible early in the morning from Nong Khai Bus Terminal going to Nong Khai Customs Boundary Post / Nong Khai, Thailand boarder. The standard rate is 80 Thai Baht per head however if you're with two or three persons, you will only need to pay 50 Thai Baht each. 

The ticketing office of the Bus 407 in Nong Khai Bus Terminal. 

Nong Khai Bus Terminal. 
Inside the Nong Khai Bus Terminal 
Nong Khai Customs Boundary Post 

7. Take the bus from Nong Khai Immigration to Laos Immigration. From Nong Khai Immigration, you can take the bus going to Laos Immigration for only 20 Thai Baht. And from Laos Immigration going to the capital, you can take Tuktuk or van. You can go straight to the Thailand Consulate Office for at least 200 Thai Baht if you're traveling alone.

Laos Boarder/Immigration. 
8. Be there at the Thai Consulate Office early Monday or Thursday morning before 11:00. For visa run, I would highly recommend to travel from Thailand going to Vientiane, Laos on the eve of Sundays and Wednesdays. The goal is to reach the Thai Consulate Office by Monday or Thursday morning before 10:00 to expedite the processing of your papers. The office will no longer be accepting applications after 11:00  and it is close during Tuesday and Friday mornings. The moment you reach the Thai Embassy, get a queue number then submit the papers required and collect your visa the following day. 

Outside the Thai Embassy in Vientiane, Laos. 

Thai Embassy in Vientiane, Laos. 

*All images are taken from my iPhone - raw and unedited. 
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