Saturday, July 29, 2017

EdgarBoyet Diaries Exclusive Coverage: Miss Universe Thailand 2017

Blog on progress...

EdgarBoyet Diaries will be having a live blog coverage of the Miss Universe Thailand 2017 scheduled tonight, July 29 at 7PM inside the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Your blogger has arrived at the venue with my beautiful partner in crime, Xamantha Alexandra Lee. 

People have just started filling in the seats.

The program will start in a few minutes.

The opening number...

People Choice Award goes to Candidate Number 24.

Announcement of the Top 16...

Number 3 Paweensuda and 5 Maria Ehren are the crowd's favorites. They're the strongest contenders among the candidates. 

The Swimsuit Competition has just started...

Stand outs are 3 and 5 who received a thunderous applause from the crowd. 23, and 34 have also a decent presentation together with 37 who is channeling the vibes of Chalita.

The girls are preparing for the Traditional/Casual Wear Competition.

Standouts are 3, 5, 20, 21, 37 and 38.

And the Top Ten Finalists are...

The Top Ten Finalists in their traditional wear. Number 3 Paweensuda was the last one to be called. 

Former Miss Universe Thailand titlists from 2005, 2001, 2009, 2003, 2012, 2013, 2002, and of course with the brightest of them all and the reigning queen, Chalita Suansane paraded on stage wearing their respective crowns to the delight of the crowd. 

Intermission number at the moment..

Evening Gown Competition has just begun with candidate number 3.

15 almost tripped in her gown.

Outstanding ones are: 3, 5, 7, 37 and 38

Miss Smile is number 3

Miss Beauty Elegance is 34

Miss Bangkok Airways is 5

Announcement of Top 5: 21, 34, 3

Advertisement. The remaining two candidates who will make it in the Top 5 will be announced soon..

Question and Answer portion..

The most applauded finalists during the Q and A are 3, 38 and 5.

Announcement of winners soon..

Farewell walk of Chalita Suansane.

4th Runner Up: Number 34 

3rd Runner Up: Number 21

2nd Runner Up: Number 3 

1st Runner Up: Number 38

Miss Universe Thailand 2017: Number 5, Maria Ehren


Miss Universe Thailand 2017: 05 - Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren

1st Runner-Up : 38 - Supaporn Ritthipreuk

2nd Runner-Up: 03 - Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin

3rd Runner-Up: 21 - Suraprin Artkongharn

4th Runner Up: 34 - Ratchanok Naowaset

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