Thursday, July 27, 2017

EdgarBoyet Diaries: Man of the World 2017 Predictions

Man of the World 2017 Top Ten Predictions.
Photography by Missosology.

Abou Sahyoun Wassim of Palestine is my best choice for the
Abou Sahyoun WassimPalestine
Photo by OPMB-Noli Berioso
inaugural title of the Man of the World 2017 with its grand finals slated on Friday, July 28th in One Esplanade, Pasay City, Philippines. This Phoenician Demigod-like hunk exudes a congenial attitude and down-to-earth personality which is quite an essential element of being a titleholder. Given his superior physique that simply stands out among the crowd of gorgeous contenders paired with a fairly conversant disposition, I am easily convinced that he is the man fit for the job.

Next in line in the winning circle of five are Japan's Tatsuya Furuyama, Moldova's Victor Suiu, Spain's Marc Tarres and 
Philippines' Christopher Dulagan. Tatsuya may not be your typical Japanese guy, but his Eurasian look earns him quite a throng of adoring fans. He has the beauty of the face which could successfully launch a thousand ships. Moldova and Spain are also poised to steal 
Moldova's Victor Suiu and Spain's Marc Tarres
Photo by Noli Berioso
the thunder from the leading front-runners and both have the sterling qualities of a winner. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them may emerge as the ultimate victor come finals. Philippines may penetrate through the Top Five but being the host country and at the same time the organizer of the pageant in its inaugural year, winning the main title may not be feasible.

Completing my Top Ten Finalists are Guam's Jake Limtiaco, 
Egypt's Mustafa Galal Mohammed Elezali, Australia's James Carne, Gibraltar's Felix Bothen and Puerto Rico's Enrique Antonio Santana Perez.

The winner of the Man of the World pageant will advocate Career Development and Educational Awareness during his whole reign by forging partnerships with schools. Promoting tourism will also be his main responsibility as the titleholder. 

Japan's Tatsuya Furuyama
Photo by Noli Berioso

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