Thursday, July 27, 2017

Man of the World 2017 Best National Costume Portraits

Man of the World 2017 in their national costumes.
Philippines, Moldova and Japan. 

Topnotch photographer Raymond SaldaƱa never fails to amaze me with his world-class high-definition portraits featuring this year's Man of the World contenders in their colorful national costumes. Below are my top picks with Christopher Dulagan on the lead donning an Edwin Uy tribal-inspired design.

The grand finals will be tomorrow evening in One Esplanade, Pasay City, Philippines. 

Check my Predictions HERE.
Philippines - Christopher Dulagan
Japan - Tatsuya Furuyama
Moldova - Victor Suiu
Spain - Marc Tarres

Colombia - Christian Hernandez Ruiz
Egypt - Mustafa Galal Mohammed Elezali
Gibraltar - Felix Bothen
Australia - James Carne
Malta - Iven Merceica
Korea - Jung Goo Young
China - Junjie Huang
Palestine - Abou Sahyoun Wassim

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