Saturday, November 11, 2017

Miss Universe 2017: A Battle of the Powerhouse Beauties

Miss Universe 2017 Powerhouse Beauties - Colombia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, USA and Brazil. 

It is a fact that Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Venezuela and USA are among of the top countries in Miss Universe with the most number of placements and victories since the pageant had started in the 1950s. 

Almost every single year, these six countries have always made it in the Semi-final rounds with two or three of them clinching the coveted spot in the winning circle. 

The Philippines' seven consecutive semi-final placement since 2010 is record-breaking and no other country so far has ever achieved such winning streak. The Philippines has only missed the final cut in the Top 5 in 2014. It has won 3 Miss Universe crowns, 2 First Runners-Up, 5 Third Runners-Up, and 2 Fourth Runners-Up respectively. 

Although Venezuela was unplaced last year, it prides itself with 7 Miss Universe crowns and multiple placements to date. Venezuela is just one tiara away from the unbeatable USA who currently has 8 crowns. It will just be a matter of time when the powerhouse Venezuela will eclipse USA's present achievement.

Puerto Rico may not be as visible as the other 5 competitors in the Miss Universe stage these past few years, however, this Caribbean country has 4 Miss Universe titles surpassing Colombia and Brazil who have only managed to achieve 2 decent wins so far. But speaking of First Runner-Up honors in Miss Universe, Brazil and Colombia are ahead of Puerto Rico. Brazil has 5 First Runners-Up and Colombia has 4. Colombia is even legendary with 3 consecutive First Runner-Up placements from 1992-1994. 

Will this year's delegates of the said powerhouse countries make the final cut? 

Brazil - Monalysa Alcantara 

Colombia - Laura Gonzalez

Philippines - Rachel Peters

Puerto Rico - Danyeshka Hernandez

USA - Kara McCullough

Venezuela - Keysi Sayago

Which powerhouse beauty will reign supreme in Miss Universe 2017? 

Let's find out. 

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