Friday, December 22, 2017

The Philippines in World's Major Pageants

Philippines' Big 5 Queens: Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015), Angelia One (Miss Earth 2015), Kylie Verzosa (Miss International 2016), Megan Young (Miss World 2013) and Mutya Datul (Miss Supranational 2013). Photo credit to the rightful owner. 

The Philippines made history as the first and the only country so far which won all five crowns of the biggest and widely-recognized international beauty pageants in the world namely, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss World and Miss Supranational. It has completed winning all the 5 major pageant titles in just a span of 3 years and was able to clinch 8 major crowns in the last 5 years! 

The country has currently 15 major crowns eclipsing USA which has a total of 14. The Philippines is trailing behind Venezuela which has a massive Big 5 crown collection of 22 as of this writing! These numbers do not include the numerous placements and runners-up  the three countries have achieved since the pageants' inception. Although Venezuela has the most number of win, it has yet to clinch the Miss Supranational title and complete its set of Big 5 Queens. The same is true with USA who has yet to nab a Miss Earth and Miss Supranational crowns. 

The Philippines so far has 3 Miss Universe, 4 Miss Earth, 6 Miss International, 1 Miss World and 1 Miss Supranational titleholders. 

Philippines' Miss Universe winners: Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe 1969), Margie Moran (Miss Universe 1973) and Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015) 
Philippines' Miss Earth winners: Karla Henry (Miss Earth 2008), Jamie Herrell (Miss Earth 2014), Angelia Ong (Miss Earth 2015) and Karen Ibasco (Miss Earth 2017) 

Philippines' Miss International winners: Gemma Cruz (Miss International 1964), Auora Pijuan (Miss International 1970), Melanie Marquez (Miss International 1979), Lara Quigaman (Miss International 2005), Bea Rose Santiago (Miss International 2013) and Kylie Verzosa (Miss International 2016). Photo credit to the rightful owner. 

Megan Young (Miss World 2013)Photo credit to the rightful owner. 
Mutya Datul (Miss Supranational 2013)Photo credit to the rightful owner. 

Will the next Misses Philippines be able to pull off another historic victories? Will destiny summon them to join the ranks of these beautiful and triumphant Filipinas who have won their respective pageant assignments here and abroad? 

Time can only reveal what is written in their stars. Your blogger is sincerely hoping that the Pearl of the Orient Seas will continue to shine forth not just in beauty pageants but also in other areas of life's pageantries (be it in economy, sports, entertainments, and scientific discoveries) and be a beacon of light and inspiration to the world. 




*Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Asia. Source: PHL Now Among Asia's Fastest Growing Economies - Business Mirror

*Philippines is the 10th Fastest Growing Economy in the World. Source: Duterte's Philippines is the 10th Fastest Growing Economy in the Region - Forbes

*Philippines will remain the fastest growing economy in the region. Source:  Philippine Economy to Remain Fastest Growing in the Region - IMF


*Filipino student bested 11,000 young learners from 178 countries in a Global Science Competition. Source: Leyte Student Wins Global Science Competition - Sun Star


*World-famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is the highest-paid athlete next to Floyd Mayweather. Source: Forbes' 10 Highest-Paid Athletes

Beauty Pageants:

*Philippines wins its 4th Miss Earth crown. Source: Philippines Wins Miss Earth 2017-PhilStar

*Philippines wins its first Reina Hispano-Americana title. Source: Philippines Wins Reina Hispano-Americana 2017

*Philippines wins its 4th Miss Tourism International title. Source: Philippines Wins Miss Tourism International 2017

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