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What Awaits Laura Lehman in the Infamous Miss World Pageant?

Laura Lehmann, Miss World Philippines 2017 with Catriona Gray, Miss World Philippines
2016 and Miss World 2016 3rd Runner-Up and Stephanie del Valle, Miss World 2016.
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I wasn't able to watch the coronation finale of Miss World Philippines 2017 last night shown through a delayed telecast in GMA 7.

Laura Lehmann, Miss World Philippines 2017
Apart from being busy, I have lost interest in Julia Morley's Miss World pageant after last year's travesty and questionable result where our very own Catriona Gray who excelled in beauty, talent, grace, beauty with a purpose project and intelligence and who nailed the final question with brilliance and fluency was edged out by the two less stellar-performing delegates whose national directors (one was the daughter of a national director) were members in the judging panel.

It was a heart-wrenching scenario. We Filipinos are gracious in defeat. In fact we welcomed defeat with open arms when we saw that it was fair. But we questioned and fought back when we felt that we were deceived and cheated. Why aren't we mad with Miss Universe then when Maxine Medina didn't make it in the winning circle during Miss Universe 2016? Both Maxine and Catriona made it in the Top 5 in their respective pageants. But we only grieved for Catriona's loss whilst felt satisfied with Maxine's placement. Why? Because we knew and we've seen it that Maxine didn't deliver well and therefore deserved her non-inclusion. But with Catriona Gray, she was outstanding since the day 1 of the competition. We've seen it vividly how she excelled in the fast-track challenges in Miss World and we have witnessed how she stood out from the rest 'til the very end of the competition. But unfortunately, Catriona was left out in the Top 3. The national director/s who also served as judges with their bets placing high and even snatching the crown added to the insult. 

Laura Lehmann, Miss World Philippines 2017
Photo credit to the owner.

So there. The craziest pageant fanatics in the universe were angry at Julia Morley and her organization. And we all have the reasons to get mad. There were valid grounds that were enough for us to doubt the transparency and credibility of the result. Catriona's loss had opened a can of worms of the past misdeeds Miss World had done to our previous Filipina reps who we thought were deprived of the crown they rightfully deserved - Ruffa Gutierrez in 1993 and Evangeline Pascual in 1973. 

But we are not here to cry over spilled milk. We can move on. We can move forward without forgetting the past and learning from it. 

Miss World Philippines 2017 winners. 

So back to last night's grand coronation of Miss World Philippines 2017. I have just seen on my Facebook feeds today that the former Binibining Pilipinas 2014 first runner-up, Laura Victoria Lehmann was proclaimed the top winner. 

I thought candidate number 32 Cynthia Thomalia from the Kagandahang Flores camp would succeed Catriona.Thomalia has the sweetness and aura of a Miss World winner. But Laura isn't a bad choice. And whoever will wear the sash of the Philippines in the Miss World pageant this year, I am quite certain that the country will still place high or even win the crown. Why? 

Number 1. The Philippines' National Director in Julia Morley's
pageant is new. Arnold Vegafria succeeded Madame Cory Quirino after the latter resigned a month after the heart-breaking loss of our dearest Catriona Gray in Miss World. 

Number 2. Julia Morley will try to win back the trust of the craziest and the noisiest pageant fanatics in the world. Who else but the Filipinos! But getting back the trust will be an uphill task especially that what happened last year was still fresh in the minds of the Pinoy fans.

Number 3. Julia Morley wants her pageant to be staged in the Philippines in 2019! Miss Universe 2016 was a huge success and it was trending worldwide. 

Number 4. Unlike before (during the Aquino-Liberal Party Regime), the Philippines has now a blooming relationship with China. Thanks to President Duterte's genius moves. Friendship with China prevented the looming war and aside from that, we have benefited billion dollar-worth of investments only the wealthy China can afford to give. And winning pageants in their soil wouldn't be difficult either.

Number 5. Laura Lehmann is not only beautiful and intelligent. She is a seasoned pageant contender who knows when to peak and snatch the crown from the perceived front-runners.

I will stop from here. I will explain later in detail in my next post (when I have time), why Laura Lehmann has a brighter future ahead of her in the controversy-ridden Miss World pageant. 

So stay tuned. Bye for now. 

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